Copper Medium 6mm

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  • Copper Medium 6mm
  • Copper Medium 6mm
  • Copper Medium 6mm
  • Copper Medium 6mm
  • Copper Medium 6mm
  • bendable necklace | snake twist
$9.99 (was $17.99)
Copper is actually our favorite color, it's unique and subtle, yet still exciting. The Medium Copper Snake Twist is commonly worn as a bracelet or around your head.
•6mm width
90cm (36 inches) long
100% Bendable
Snake Twist necklace, bracelet, headband
Lead free

How to wear
Necklace- Twist into different loops and intertwine them together
Bracelet- Wrap around your wrist like a rubber-band. Take what’s left over and twist it into a unique design.
Hair- Wrap it around your head for that fabulous Cleopatra look or loop around your hair to look like a Greek Goddess
Belt- Depending on your size waist, pull the Snake Twist over your head and twist it until it stays in place. You can also use two or three Snake Twists and loop them together