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03 Nov '14

Longer Snake Twists Are Here!

Posted by Shanelle Smith

Shop our new 48 inch Snake Twists

We've listened to our customers and delivered more twist to our line up of bendable jewelry. These Long Snake Twists can be twisted twice around the neck for double the statement when worn as a necklace. You can also wear the Long Snake Twist as a twisty bracelet or majestic headband. 

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These Are Wonderful
LOVE these necklaces -- I have two and have purchased 3 as gifts. They are so stylish and fun. I get so many compliments every time I wear them.

Verified Buyer,

03 Nov '14

Cord Statement Necklace With Magnetic Clasp

4 Colors,  4 Unique Looks!

The Cord Statement Necklace is a new Snake Twist product that was sent down to us from the Fashion Heavens! Who wouldn't want to wear a statement necklace that is flexible, lightweight and rests smoothly on the skin? The Cord Statement Necklace screams comfort, sleek and sophisticated all at once, making it the right statement piece for any occasion!

Looking for a unique Statement Piece?
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20 May '14

Here's what's new with Snake Twist

Posted by Shanelle Smith

Have a unique way to twist? Share it with us!

We would love to learn the different ways you've come up with! Please email us a picture at info@snaketwist.com or upload it to our Facebook page. 

Want to sell Snake Twists? 

Many Snake Twist customers have purchased our Wholesale Packages and have started their own side business making extra income selling Snake Twists. Click here to learn more.
What are the most popular Snake Twists?

• Any color or size in Silver.
• All colors in size 6mm/Medium.
Multi-color 8mm. This is especially popular for you second Snake Twist.
Silver and Gold Mix is among our most popular for all ages.
• Our Color Collections and Packages give your more versatility and allow you to try different sizes.
10 Jul '13

Unique Pinterest Ways to Bend Your Snake Twist

Posted by Shanelle Smith in how to bend your bendy necklace

If your like me, you love pulling out your iPad and scrolling through Pinterest. I'm constantly finding unique and fashion-forward ways our customers are twisting their Snake Twists. If your tired of wearing your Snake Twist the same way over and over, check out some great ideas below.


Layer it with other necklaces 

Source: http://media-cache-ec3.pinimg.com/originals/26/ff/4d/26ff4d882f826a5fd7b3673bcd86cac0.jpg


Attach it to another necklace


Wear it messy

Source: http://www.talkingovercoffee.com/page/2/


Wrap it around a scarf


Source: Etsy.com


Make loops on the side


3 ways to mix up gold


Check out Pinterest.com for more ideas. Type phrases like 'bendable necklace,' 'flexible necklace,' or 'bendy necklace' for several more styles and ideas.