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Silver Package (50 Snake Twists) Wholesale

Silver Package (50 Snake Twists) Wholesale


Our Silver Wholesale Package is our most popular. It includes:

  • 50 Snake Twists 
  • Choose up to 5 colors in any size
  • Snake Twist in-store marketing (pictures and logo)
  • Shipping is $18 and is included in the price. (free shipping is not included on wholesale orders)
  • Earning potential- $1250- 500% return
Please include order variables (size and colors) in the note section of your order. This is where you will write what colors and sizes you'd like.

When you add a 'Wholesale Package' to your cart, upon checkout in the lower left hand corner of the shopping cart page there is an option to 'Add a note to your order.' That is where you can write the color/thicknesses you'd like.