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24 Nov '14

NEW Snake Twist Bracelets! Just $8.99 in Silver, Copper and Bronze + Free Shipping on $35+

Posted by Shanelle Smith

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We love the Short Snake Twist Bracelet because it's a simple go to piece that will show stylish sophistication at holiday parties.

The Short Snake Twist Bracelet is a one of a kind piece that is just as versatile as a Snake Twist Necklace. It's much shorter and will only twist around your wrist once. The extra length is meant to be twisted into a design on top of your wrist.

  • 38cm (15 inches) long
  • Medium 6mm width
  • Silver, Copper and Bronze- great for gifting
Silver Snake Bracelet $8.99
Medium 6mm Width
Bronze Snake Bracelet $8.99
15 inches all around
Copper Snake Bracelet $8.99
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