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04 Sep '15

Snake Twists for Fall. Jewelry in Copper, Gold and Bronze.

Just for You, Fall Snake Twists!

Copper, Bronze and Gun Metal are in.

Our favorite metals for the season are Copper, Bronze and Gun Metal. Fall Snake Twists give your go-to outfits that sophisticated, yet edgy detail. Style moods for this look range from boho chic to Parisian.

Shop our Fall Snake Twists today: http://www.snaketwist.com

24 Nov '14

NEW Snake Twist Bracelets! Just $8.99 in Silver, Copper and Bronze + Free Shipping on $35+

Posted by Shanelle Smith

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We love the Short Snake Twist Bracelet because it's a simple go to piece that will show stylish sophistication at holiday parties.

The Short Snake Twist Bracelet is a one of a kind piece that is just as versatile as a Snake Twist Necklace. It's much shorter and will only twist around your wrist once. The extra length is meant to be twisted into a design on top of your wrist.

  • 38cm (15 inches) long
  • Medium 6mm width
  • Silver, Copper and Bronze- great for gifting
Silver Snake Bracelet $8.99
Medium 6mm Width
Bronze Snake Bracelet $8.99
15 inches all around
Copper Snake Bracelet $8.99
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22 Nov '14

Looking for the Perfect Thanksgiving Statement Necklace?

Posted by Shanelle Smith

New Statement Necklaces 

By Snake Twist

Snake Twist is introducing an assortment of statement necklaces that need no introduction. These statement pieces embody a variety of different styles as glamorous as art-deco to simple everyday, go-to necklaces. The best part about this collection is that every necklace you see starts at $15.99.  

Plenty of thanks will be given if you make this collectiona part of your gift-giving selection.   
Shop Statement Necklaces
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Our New Statement Pieces

Click to view our Winter Collection

22 Nov '14

Are you having trouble clasping your necklaces?

Posted by Shanelle Smith


Magnetic Clasps

By Snake Twist

Magnetic clasps are a jewelry innovation, combining style with function to make life easier. The traditional lobster clasp necklace requires painstaking precision when putting on a necklace.

Our magnetic clasp jewelry makes life easier by just connecting two ends together and letting the magnet technology do the rest of the work.Magnetic clasps are especially convenient for family members and friends that have arthritis or are elderly. Click here to shop our magnetic clasp necklaces

 Magnetic Clasp Necklaces  click to shop styles

 Gun Metal Snake Twists 

 Hanukkah Colors 

 Umbrella Tote Bags 

22 Nov '14

How To Twist and Wear Multi-Color Snake Twists

Posted by Shanelle Smith


By Snake Twist

Our most popular Snake Twists are by far Multi-Color. We combine all the colors including: silver, copper, gold and gun metal

We have an amazing selection of multi-color necklaces you can bend and twist!
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Have a unique way to twist? Share it with us!

We would love to learn the different ways you've come up with! Please email us a picture at info@snaketwist.com or upload it to ourFacebook page. 

Want to sell Snake Twists? 

Many Snake Twist customers have purchased our Wholesale Packages and have started their own side business making extra income selling Snake Twists. Click here to learn more.
What are the most popular Snake Twists?

• Any color or size in Silver.
• All colors in size 6mm/Medium.
Multi-color 8mm. This is especially popular for you second Snake Twist.
Silver and Gold Mix is among our most popular for all ages.
• Our Color Collections and Packages give your more versatility and allow you to try different sizes.





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