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02 Mar '13

Ideas for organizing your necklaces, accessories and bedroom in a small space

Posted by Shanelle Smith in ikea, organizing your jewelry

I'm the kind of person that has a very clean apartment, until you open up the drawers and cabinets. I'm more of an out of sight... out of mind kind of a person.

This morning my boyfriend and I were talking about how we fit together even though we are both extroverts. I'm a type B creative extrovert and he is a type A extrovert (addicted to detail, organization and not allowing me to buy things). The only place I'm truly organized is my jewelry collection, but it didn't happen till I discovered a trick that brings decoration, jewelry and organization together into one artistic expression. 

Do you ever forget that you have a necklace or bracelet and wish you had remembered for a particular outfit you were putting together?

I used to do this all the time! And sometimes I would end up buying new pieces, not knowing what's in my collection because A. I don't have time to dig (and break pieces digging) and B. everything is in drawers. 

This all changed one day at IKEA. 

Last year when I moved apartments- my new place was in dire need of updating. While it has an amazing view of Seattle (aka rent costs are up 8% here), it has not been updated since the 70's.. uh maybe the 60's. I even had to ask for the dated brown paneling to be painted white.

70's kitchen cabinets and appliances

70's kitchen   

Stainless Steel & Granite vs. City View? City View with half cut tree-hedge wins! (City won't let me remove.. typical Seattle)

Ideas for Organizing for those who tend to be unorganized

Being the 'creative and on budget' girl that I am, I was trying to update the bathroom and kitchen with silver accessories from Ikea. After some Swedish meatballs, I plunged through a crowd of screaming children to the bathroom towel racks and it dawned on me! I can decorate my room "Mad Hatter" style with these towel racks and hang all my necklaces and it will be fabulous. BINGO! Like any good idea- it's worthless unless you put it to action. 

Towel Racks to Hang Necklaces

Note- I have a lot of jewelry because of my business (most of it is samples)

Ikea towel racks are cheap and easy to assemble. You just need a drill and the right size screws. I did this myself!  

Make sure you measure your necklaces and have a place for the short one's and the long one's. 

Mad Hatter Look- Making nothing that goes together, look like it should. 

It might be a good idea to color code your necklaces- but I have too many that are different lengths, so it would look strange. You can also use a longer Ikea rack to hang your scarves (switch out winter with spring/summer scarves). The black empty frames tie the wall together without taking away from the color / texture the necklaces add. 

Platters on your vanity are a great way to display your bracelets, watches, earrings, etc.

Use decorative trays and platters (all mine came from Goodwill or my mom's attic) to add 'sophisticated separation' to the top of a dresser or table. This will show your real interior decorator / designer friends that you are starting to know what you are doing.

DIY Bedroom Vanity

Make-it-yourself vanity: I bought this one craigslist for $50 from a tattoo parlor and found the gold mirror at Goodwill for like $20. The man in line was like you are leaving with the best stuff! I wanted to paint it silver and white, but I like the character too much! 

Putting a vanity in your bedroom creates world peace when you live in a small space and share a bathroom. It also makes you feel sophisticated.

The ONE Messy Drawer

Nothing ever gets used in this messy drawer.

Displaying Belts

Use a towel rack for your bathroom on the back of your bedroom door to hang your belts and your boyfriend's ties. Desperate for space calls for desperate 'creative' measures.

Perfumes and Colognes can be decoration! 

Display your perfume and cologne on a tray and add heighth with a plant or vase. You won't forget to spray perfume if it's right there when you wake up! And your bedroom will smell like spices.

Give your room some 'Je ne sais quoi'

Every room needs 'sets of three' that include: texture, pop of color, height, width, pattern, life (plants/flowers) and neutral (white, black, gray, air, nothing). You can't have an even amount of anything (like pillows, lights) or all one thing because it makes the room feel off balance and it will give off bad energy which can effect your daily life.

Everything needs to flow. 

For more ideas or questions email me at info@snaketwist.com


Love your ideas. I hung my jewelry like you but found that after awhile the air started working on the metals. Now in making jewelry when I am finished and hang to display I cover with a plastic bag to protect them.

Posted by Vi Bazzell on March 05, 2013

The way you hung these items created a neat fiber artistic presentation. I really like it.

Posted by Lisa McGinty on March 04, 2013

Love your towel rack idea for necklaces! They are the messy problem, altho I do hang some bought for special tops, dresses, etc. right on the neck of the hanger with the garmet. (The matching bracelet too.) Space is not my problem, but remembering, and finding is!

Posted by donna Kobitter on March 02, 2013

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