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10 Jul '13

Unique Pinterest Ways to Bend Your Snake Twist

Posted by Shanelle Smith in how to bend your bendy necklace

If your like me, you love pulling out your iPad and scrolling through Pinterest. I'm constantly finding unique and fashion-forward ways our customers are twisting their Snake Twists. If your tired of wearing your Snake Twist the same way over and over, check out some great ideas below.


Layer it with other necklaces 

Source: http://media-cache-ec3.pinimg.com/originals/26/ff/4d/26ff4d882f826a5fd7b3673bcd86cac0.jpg


Attach it to another necklace


Wear it messy

Source: http://www.talkingovercoffee.com/page/2/


Wrap it around a scarf


Source: Etsy.com


Make loops on the side


3 ways to mix up gold


Check out Pinterest.com for more ideas. Type phrases like 'bendable necklace,' 'flexible necklace,' or 'bendy necklace' for several more styles and ideas.

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